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August 27, 2007


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It is interesting, as Doris Kearns Goodwin tells in "Team of Rivals," her book about the political genius of "Honest Abe," that as the primary elections approached in 1863, the Copperhead Democrats and their media -- read today's liberal Democrats -- were ranting to stop the war. Lincoln was the George Bush of his day.

Spread the word on your site! Buy a copy! Support our troops!

A U.S. soldier recommended for the medal of honor has written a book at the war in Iraq. It is a first-hand account of the 2004 Battle of Fallujah. The American soldiers eventually won the block-by-block battle, but the cost was great. David Bellavia conveys
the intense experiences of combat, and presents well-drawn portraits of his fellow soldiers, as he captures their heroism and sacrifice.

I have read this book and it's even better than Blackhawk Down!

You can order it now:

"House To House" David Bellavia

What Mr. Maliki needs to understand about the Democrats - your position in power is only "good" if they agree with you. If they don't like you, it doesn't matter in the least if you were elected fair and square - you MUST be thrown out. It's the same spiel they've been spouting about President Bush since he entered office.

The absurd arrogance that is the modern leftwing Democratic Party believes that people only serve in high office should they DEEM IT TO BE ACCEPTABLE. They do not recognize that the Prime Minister of Iraq was INDEPENDENTLY elected by his own people and their approval/disapproval is irrelevant.

Come to think of it, the modern leftwing Democratic Party is becoming irrelevant! I will except Joe Lieberman from that condemnation and INCLUDE a number of Republicans - Warner, Specter, Voinovich, etc.

I come over for a nice post of kittens and get the Lizard Queen! :)

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