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August 16, 2007


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Sounds yummy. It's so funny that Baby would go for the noodle instead of the chicken. I love it. *grin*

You know that when you have to explain the wordplay, it loses 95% of its punch. ;-)

Chicken Cornoodle, indeed.

I used to make a dish called Chicken Commodore, but people thought "Commodore" referred to the Entrance to the Toilet, so I was sunk.

Elisson: Caboodle, canoodle, cornoodle, good foodle, let's call the whole thing off? :-)

Home made Lean Cuisine. Sounds even better than my combinations of LC and Birdseye Steam Fresh.

Healthy Choice is apparently now producing an array of steamed low calories meals - but I'm very wary of all the frozen diet stuff - too high in sodium for the most part.

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