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August 17, 2007


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"Beauty in unexpected places"

We are very very lucky out here - right near Davidian Farms - they grow these lovely things and there is NOTHING like fresh from the farm -especially when one is too lazy to grow ones own.

They had strawberries that melted in the mouth, blueberries that were outstanding in season. Currently there are succulent peaches. Sweat corn (not quite up to midwest standards *grin* but goooood), tomatoes and the list goes on. Living out at the back of beyond has some perks. ;-)

Got the first of the year from my nextdoor neighbor's yard last night: just a regular big boy, but was a heavenly apéritif for the new guy's last night in town. He even shut up about GMO for a minute, it was so good.

BTW: have you noticed the light angle/daylight length/temp change that comes with the ripe tomatoes, too? (Happy End of Summer.)

Attack of the Killer Tomato.

It occurred to me as I was driving this morning... since you're growing tomatoes - do you have green beans too?

If you like green beans - they are dead simple to grow and lots of fun because they sprout so easily from seed and they grow so well in a pot. Once they start getting tall, you just have to add a stake to the pot and tie them so they stay upright. Even I did it without killing the plants!!!

The fun part is that the plants grow so fast, it's nearly instant feedback. I did it years ago for a couple summers when we lived in a condo. Then life got a bit too busy and I haven't done it since. But if I can do it - anyone can!

Home grown is so much better that you cannot even compare. A darn shame that in New England we only get this Aug-Sept. Still, it's well-worth it. Tomatoes 3X/day/

In my family the joke for years is that it has been a bad growing season if I don't have a nice canker sore by Labor Day - I am a year-round uber-consumer of tomato products but in the summertime I can pretty much LIVE on them with a little mozzarella and basil. The colors of the HUNGARIAN flag doncha know!

But since my rather dainty back is slowing down my gardening efforts, I think I will start working on growing my own potted veggies (I consider a good tomato the staff of life - forget bread! And green beans come a close second.)

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