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July 26, 2007


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Years ago I took a Chinese cooking class at a local community college. The woman who was teaching it had some very good advice which I have always tried to follow.

Whenever you are making Chinese stir fry (and I extrapolated to casserole type dishes) use about 1/4 the meat you "think" you need. She said (and I agree) Americans use too much meat in dishes where less meat and more vegetables would be much better. It's always a given that people will use a pound of meat in a casserole - cut that back to 1/4 lb and add lots of the other ingredients. You get the flavor without all the calories.

Sounds like you're having fun with cooking. Yay!

I guess you have brought to light the secrets of Lean Cuisine. Satisfy your taste buds and fill your stomach without the calories.

First, Sissy, I know you visit Lifelike Pundits and wanted to let you know that I met Aaron today and he is an absolute BABE and sweetheart as well.

Second, Sissy, your recipes are STELLAR. You just know my all-too-substantial derriere is going to become less so! Thanks.

Sam demands supper by playing drum solos on the bedroom door! I should have named him "Krupa"!

As always, Tiny and Baby are exquisite delights.

Please don't fade away too much! So proud of you and Tuck for living a healthier lifestyle. Maybe Tiny & Babe need to go for a new food too! Meow!

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