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July 25, 2007


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I'm wondering how much typing per hour one must do in order to use up 41 calories... do they have a breakout in characters per hour? *grin* Of course I'm at my computer up to 14 hours a day... which is why I make sure to hit the pilates studio a couple times a week, do my tai chi several times a week, and walk with the hubby as many days a week as we can manage.

Having walked in all kinds of weather - I suggest scoping out the waterproof coats and shoes now - so you can continue to walk in the rain. A little later in the season - scope out the heavy shoes, big warm mittens, good hats and scarves for winter walking. Nothing kills a walking habit faster than a week of rain or very cold weather.

The only excuse for skipping is if the roads are flooded, it's lightning, or if it's below 10 degrees (and even that may keep you off the roads too often up north). Of course it's much easier to keep up the habit if you have a dog... because you really can't tell the dog - "it's too cold (or rainy) to go out today" - which is how we got in the habit of walking in all weather.


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