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June 24, 2007


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another breath of fresh air...


yes, i agree with Goomp and your fine Sis.

talented in a special way.

narcissism is running for office again, and it is concerning to see if it will be elected one more time in 2008.

but freedom seems to be winning in Iraq, slowly but surely, with a lot of resolve.

As you point out, those who suffer from what Dr. Sanity describes as a psychological inability to see that some cultures are demented are doomed to destuction if their views are the dominant ones of our society. Fortunately there seems to be a slowly growing understanding in the Arab-Muslim world that the view that the hatred of Christians, Jews and other Muslims who do not advocte jihad is not the answer. Maybe the psychologically handicapped "all cultures are the same" intellectuals in the West will also have a reality awakening.

A belated happy Father's Day goomp! You are a delight to many more than just your family.

Yes, I'm finally healthy enough to hop on the computer from time to time. Moving plus a head/chest cold is a really nasty combo! Morphed into walking pneumonia and a sinus infection.

The cats and my sister's two dogs nursed me through it!

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