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June 29, 2007


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Keep up the good program. Nothing suceeds like sucecss

I had no idea you had been sick. I'm so glad you're doing better. Yay!!!

Wow, I'm glad your tests came back with good reports!

But Sissy... no booze? Lawdy, lawdy, say it ain't so! Not even wine???

[Remarks Pam, who is off to a Bar-B-Que today where the nectar of the gods will flow liberally.]

Teresa: I just wasn't feeling up to snuff. When the doc said my heartburny symptoms might mean an ulcer, I came to my senses. Cutting out the gin made cutting out the second helpings and midnight snacks way easier. Losing excess adipose tissue and getting the blood pressure down were two most welcome "side effects."

Pam: Still taking a snort or two at my Friday WSJ crossword-puzzle dates with Tuck and -- of course -- at parties . . . Anyone out there having a party? :-)

Good news Sissy. You have to stay well to keep your readers happy. (not to mention your own loving family) Sometimes we just assume the sun will keep on shining as we visit Sisu for our daily nourishment of beauty in unexpected places. Thanking God for Sissy Willis. May she long reign in her luminance.

Who would have thought that going cold turkey would have such good effects in such a short time? Congrats on your good report and a cuppa to your good health.

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