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June 07, 2007


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We should all admire the adaptability of Megan Stack. Students taught by the fascist orientated liberals of the elite professorship of many of our educational institutions can only be overcome by hands-on experience such as Ms Sharp exoerienced.

Thanks for the botany lesson. Fascinating!

Sadly people like Megan (let me guess, she has a journalism degree - right...) have to go all the way over to Saudi Arabia to figure that out. They don't appear to be bright enough to look at pictures, stories, newspaper reports, even CNN and discern this without the hands on experience. Therein lies the problem.

I've never been to Saudi Arabia and I have no wish to ever go there - but I happen to know, understand, and deplore their actions without ever experiencing the "apartheid" first hand. Amazing how people who don't subscribe to the "hate America first" method of evaluating the world, seem to understand the evils of other countries so much more clearly.

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