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June 03, 2007


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Carter is the all-time maggot on the list of living Democrat schmucks and *ssholes of the self-righteous hypocrite variety.

But Gore and Kerry are neck and neck in the self-defeating, shoot-self-in-foot unwitting mockery of self and colleagues league. Hillary is not even near the head of the pack.

The question burning in my brain is, who will the prescient Algor-hythm choose as his candidate in 2008, bestowing on the lucky recipient the same luck as he gave Howard Dean in '04 with his pixie dust?

Hillary, Al and the rest of the so called liberal establishment will not be happy unless they rule a fascist nation. While cats are willing to tolerate us and give us some affection for room, board, and health care, I believe they are libertarians at heart.

"...who put forth the notion that had she pursued her own political career and not deferred to Bill Clinton’s, she would have been a governor or senator in her own right by 1992"

Of course I expect nothing less than this sort of reasoning from liberals. The fact is that she DID NOT want either of those roles or she would have tried to achieve them - even if she failed. The fact that she didn't try means she didn't want to do it badly enough to put forth effort.

I could stand here and say "If I had only done XXXX I would be President of the United States by now!"

Well, we are in America - anything is possible here, which is why we're so great, but most people do not want to put forth the effort and give up certain things in their lives to achieve a high goal - regardless of the goal.

To say "she could have been" is utter hogwash - any of us "could have been". You only get the kudos when you make the effort. Now she's making the effort, but let's hope she doesn't have the backing to become President. It would be disastrous for the country.

great post...

hard to imagine, such corrupt, inept folks like the Clintons are being seriously considered by some Americans for a return to the WH.

rather sad reminder of the poor shape this Countries mindset is in, or how misguided the biased MSM has become.

Hillary and Bill once lied to the World about the genocide in Rwanda.

yet, liberals actually could care less...

it amazes...

ever wonder why Hillary, who believes in sharing everyone else's hard earned existence, doesn't give more to charity?

why not sell a couple of the Clinton abodes, split their multi millions in half, and start the sharing on their own?

but then again, Hillary's various lies about her vote on authorizing the use of force in the Iraq War truly takes the cake.

spinning like a dishonest top.

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