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June 10, 2007


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Ah, yes. Tea is the absolute best for whatever ails you. I've always been a fan of tea. Everyday after school when I was in high school I would come home to a cup of tea and vanilla wafers, a very simple pleasure, but my friends found out and gave me a new nickname, Lauratealeaf.

I enjoyed ordering tea when overseas. They always make a nice ceremony of it with little tea things, sugar, cream and lemon.

I have a hunch tea may also have an economic advantage over alcohol even if one has to occasionally throw out unused tea because age has lessened its flavor.

I love tea. My father (being of Irish extraction) I grew up drinking tea as a child. It's the main reason I never liked coffee much at all.

My favorites are Darjeeling which is my preferred hot tea (English Breakfast is a good second). And Orange Pekoe to make iced tea is just wonderful - it's very strong, so it holds up well to ice cubes melting. *grin*

I find that tea is a wonderful thing to soothe nerves (which seems silly, but appears to be true) and I have also noticed that it aids digestion. If I don't drink any tea for a while, I tend to get minor bouts of heartburn after eating some foods. That never happens when I am drinking tea.

I have a Bodum 4 cup tea pot for loose tea and I order my tea online. If you want the info on that - let me know.

Happy tea drinking!!!

The tea drinkers are coming out of the woodwork. Fun to find oneself part of yet another secret society.

Lauratealeaf: Sounds like an Indian -- Native American? -- princess.

Teresa: Your tea lore is most welcome. Please do send it along at once.

Goomp: I'm gloating at how much money I'm suddenly "saving" by switching from the grain to the leaf. :-)

While walking through Dillards recently I heard someone shout, "Tealeaf!" It was my old friend, Debbie. I hadn't seen her for many years and yet she called me by the nickname which she had given me. It's great meeting up with an old friend who is not only happier than she was during our teens but is still just as beautiful as she always was, if not more. I love coffee too but if you look into my pantry there is a shelf devoted to tea only.

Growing up in the south, tea was considered the 'house wine', so you struck a chord.

I order from Adagio[dot]com, if you are looking for additional resources. Their peppermint, while not strictly tea, is the best I've ever had, and their blacks aren't shoddy, either. ;)

I've only recently become an English tea convert myself, thanks to my Scouse neighbors. I've been teetotaling for over two years, and now I've finally got the tea!

Great article. I have adverse reactions to alchohol and have switched to tea... and love it.. thanks

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