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June 18, 2007


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I love the empty eyes! Heh...

Could we all have new beginnings a easily as a snake. The electric motor on the pump in the pool house provides heat which the snakes relish. In addition to the two foot long ribbon snakes we have one four foot corn snake who did not leave its discarded skin for us to observe.

Snakes in a pool... *grin* As long as they leave me alone, I'll leave them alone. But the skin is very neat.


no pictures...

pool time looks golden.

does Hillary change skin?

is that mean?

i could have said much worse.

Sissy, only you could make a snake's shedded skin look like exquisite jewelry. Looks like platinum, crystal and what we used to call moonstones for the eyes.


I was brought by google and so so surprised at your cats! Because I have an almost the same looking cat with you! Except he is short tail.
Here is the picture I shot for him

Just want to say Hi to you! I love you cats!

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