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May 17, 2007


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The onslaught of ideological deceit is a different kind of tsunami- and just as devastating to a society.

it is sad...

what can one do?

i am at a loss...

One only has to read Gore's unbelievably chaotic reasoning and prose to realize what a bullet this nation dodged by electing George W. Bush in 2000!

I have said for many years that Albert Gore is clinically insane. Functional to an extent, but still, his choochoo has been off the tracks for a very long time.

One must bear in mind the man's history. He was RAISED by his father to be President of the United States and his father was reputed to be the antithesis of warm/fuzzy parenting.

Make a list of public statements by Al Gore and then examine the extreme disconnect from reality that each of them exemplifies.

Listen to him speak and while he is speaking, watch his eyes. The man is unhinged.

His "people" keep saying that he isn't considering a run for the presidency in 2008. If that is true, it's a good thing. If he does start to think about running, someone needs to dissaude him.

Gore lecturing the rest of us about logic...


Okay I needed a good laugh.

"Displacement is the separation of an emotion from its real object and its redirection toward someone or something that is less offensive or threatening in order to avoid having to deal directly with what is frightening or threatening. It is a very useful type of psychological denial which distorts and obscures reality." These words by Dr. Sanity explain the weird functioning of the politically correct liberals.

Sissy, I tried to trackback to you, haloscan said it went through, but I guess not. Oh, well. Great perspecitve, as usual. I'm sending folks to read this one. Beautiful Chelsea Grays.

Wait a minute. . . you're opening your swimming pool not just before school lets out -- but before Memorial Day? In New England?

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