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May 03, 2007


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Making beauty from the works of man with the wonder of nature.

I am so very much in love with Tiny and the Babe!

My Tim is very busy these days. Came home the other night and workmen were repairing the balconies on my apartment building in preparation for the building being painted. Tim was stationed in my bedroom window, intently watching all the work that was going on. I called "hi honey boy" to him as I got out of the car and the workmen asked if that was my cat and if so, what was his name? So I said why did they want to know and they said it wasn't dignified to call your supervisor "kitty, kitty"! Last night when they were winding up work, I heard outside my living room window, "Good night senor Timmy!" and totally cracked up!

Cats are one of the great joys of life!

Ah the moon is peeking from behind the bridge and Tiny is in full glory. Lovely!

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