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May 15, 2007


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About the turn of the 19th century some pol said "what America needs is a good five-cent cigar." Now maybe we need a good cigar smoker.

When I smoked cigars twenty years ago, I loved them. Cuban cigars had become illegal because of Castro's repressive liberal ideas. I checked with Google and find that we have relented and it is now legal to buy Cubans. They are the best.

JFK sent a staffer out to stock up on Cuban cigars shortly before imposing the ban. Something Moore should remember when he starts slamming Thompson about smoking them.


great post, but sorry, i am watching the debate.

and can someone ask Mr. Thompson why he worked on the McCain campaign in 2000?

Romney, Rudy, Duncan Hunter, are pretty impressive.

Sure, it's legal to buy Cuban cigars now - but not directly from the source; these days, one has to go through a third party to get them, or so I understand.

Fred Thompson is looking better and better. He did to Michael Moore what our President probably should have been doing right along to the looney left - only GWB had more important things with which to deal - like Islamofascists who are bent exclusively on our destruction!

And if Cuban health care is so doggone good, why did Castro fly in a Spanish doctor and medical team when HE was in need of medical help? Let's hear Michael Moore's response to THAT piece of TRUTH! He's such a suppurating boil on the butt of humanity.

Fred Thompson is one of those extremely rare specimens... a Republican who knows how to use the media. We haven't seen his like since Ronald Reagan.

At the moment, I don't even care if I agree with all of his stances or not. Just having someone in government who knows how to effectively communicate would be an unmitigated blessing.

Teresa - your point is an excellent one! It's long been a problem that Republicans don't talk good!

Like other smokers, cigar addicts are mentally-ill brain-damaged as*holes who like to suck on those big brown d*cks!

You, angel face, are a sad little one.

It becomes a WMD! lol that was awesome.

Yeah Michael Moore should realize that Cuban cigars are still illegal in the Unitied States.

If it is legal, can somebody tell me when this miracle happend?


Jibran Qazi

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