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May 26, 2007


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It is most encouraging to hear of a young woman such as Kristen Byrnes who listens to and acknowledges the fact that the temperature of the earth changes and that the extent and direction are not facts written in the cult of Al Gore.

When I was a child (forty years ago) we took the proper precautions against ticks as a matter of course. Now we know several people with Lyme Disease. What's wrong with following Mom's advice? We all seem to think we know so much better now.

Global warming and cooling have been happening for eons. One minute they are screaming warming and greenhouse, the next they whine that a new Ice Age will be upon us.

My studies in Earth Science indicated that we can expect if we live a few centuries.

Hate to be the wizened old lady who smiles and says, "That's nice, Al." Still, if we watch the Discovery Channel, one day it's the one, another day it's the other.

Lucky for all these fear-mongers, few of us will live to prove or disprove their alarms. They can collect their royalties and find something else to hawk in the meantime.

What an impressive young woman. There is hope for science yet! Thanks for the pointer Sissy - I hadn't seen this one.

Baby looks so cute and comfy in that chair... I think cats like global warming. *grin*

The summer before my son was a firstie at West Point he went to Sandhurst for summer training. He loved meeting the guys at Sandhurst and made some great friends. They were sent to Germany for training out in the woods and my son and his buddies reveled in the outdoors training.

He was amazed by the Gurkhas training with them. One night while sleeping outdoors he was bitten by a tick but didn't notice.

After the two week training was over he came home to see us at Fort Sill for a few days before he was due back at West Point.

He noticed a ringworm like outbreak under his arms but we couldn't get him to go to the doctor.

Back at West Point, he came down with a fever and his roommate noticed the rash and urged him to get to the doctor. It was Lyme Disease. He had to be on some high powered antibiotics for several months. So far, no damage but that really scared us.

Laura - I'm glad they caught it in time. Hope the antibiotics fixed him up 100%!

Thanks Teresa. It happened ten years ago in his last year at West Point. He hasn't shown any ill effects so I believe the medicine did its job.

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