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May 12, 2007


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Okay, now I'm hungry... *grin* and Tuck is da man! Good work on the yard. I wish I was more into gardening. Sadly, although I love the results - I don't like the actual process. Therefore I truly admire those who love to go out and muck about in the dirt to bring lovely flowers.

Mummie was a fearless worker in the soil of the garden as well as a super chef in the kitchen.

One summer when our son was nine years old I took him up to Maine to visit my sister and brother-in-law and their first born child, a little girl.

We were PCSing that summer so my husband took our little girls and drove to Arkansas while Drew and I headed up to Maine.

My sister and brother-in-law took us into Portland to a great restaurant where Drew had his first lobster.

I will never forget how excited he was and how much he loved lobster. He still does to this day.

My Dad used to tell of his aunts, who would set the lobster in fresh warm water, "So it would go to sleep" before they boiled it.

Later, they learned to drop the lobster in headfirst, so it would be instantly killed.

Living out in Western New York has pretty much staunched my worries in that regard. Buying a lobster around here would not likely yield the freshness I remember from Massachusetts and Maine.

My father kept a mean yard - nothing was permitted in the yard that didn't "pay for itself" as he used to say. Hence, instead of a hedge, we had blueberry bushes (which I might add I absolutely DETESTED - I'm way too tall to pick blueberries and have been since age 12) and instead of normal trees, we had fruit trees (male and female of course). Then I started imposing my will on the yard by stealth and suddenly there were rose bushes all around - of every color. To which I am allergic. And about which allergies I do not CARE because I LOVE roses. He just looked at me and remarked that I'd always been a SENSIBLE girl before and what had happened. Before I could answer, my mother opined "puberty" and that was the end of the discussion.

I miss my parents so much. They were the funniest two people I've ever known.

And isn't Tiny as enchanting as ever? So lovely. So utterly gorgeous in her feline majesty!

My Mother used to " trim " the edges of her yard and garden with a cane knife.

That's what most people used in Louisiana.

You never wanted to get her mad at you when she was working in the yard ...

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