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May 06, 2007


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Fred Thompson on Breitbart was an outstanding presentation. Thanks for introducing me. Fred said that it is a whole new method of getting outside the MSM controlled Beltway and it looks to me that he is right. He also said that it will be proven to be so if his campaign comes to fruition. Cheers and thanks for the world of BLOG.

thanks for the fine Post.

SISU !!!

i cannot join the bandwagon on Mr. Thompson.

i like Fred Thompson.

but Mr. Thompson worked for the McCain Campaign in 2000, the one that rejected needed tax relief.

Fred Thompson began his career as a lobbyist, pushing for S&L deregulation, which led to the S&L Scandal costing taxpayers millions.

Mr. Thompson would be a very aged candidate, his only real experience in the Senate (never being a CEO), and Senators have the worst reputation in my book.

What did Mr. Thompson do about addressing illegal immigration, Radical Muslim Militancy, opposing the Ginsberg Nomination, while in the Senate in the Late 90s?

Something tells me, we should be weary of fashion and hype.

Fred Thompson would be a welcome addition to the campaign process, but his reputation may not match his efforts.

Personally I'm trying to stay away from Presidential race politics for right now. We'll be in the thick of it soon enough and it's certainly tiresome to listen to it all right now. More is not always better... especially when it comes to campaigning. *sigh*

About Thompson - much as he's appealing right now - he's still a wait and see. He may have what it takes or maybe not. We'll find out soon enough I think. *grin*

This is more than interesting, Sissy. I've been following this and did a lengthy post myself [not that Americans care what I write]. Ron Paul seemed to come out of it well but he's too old.

On the other hand, all I keep hearing from your side over there is Fred. Why would this be? He doesn't seem too exciting.

My feeling is if he suddenly entered the race against Hillary, he'd win. If he suddenly entered against bin Laden ... sorry, Obama ... he'd lose.

Your thoughts?

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