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May 09, 2007


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The ignorance among the rabid environmentalists of the history of the atmosphere and the varying temperatures that have existed on earth for as far back as can be traced is astounding. These people are not stupid. They are merely ignnorant and conceited. Theirs is a religion, a matter of faith, not an enquiring search for knowlesge such as was the goal of Darwin. Let us hope that new HMS Beagle will lead to a greater search for truth.

Goomp, I recently spent a day in the British Library with a first edition of FitzRoy's account of the voyage of the Beagle. His weather observations over the five years of the voyage run to 66 closely printed pages, and one of the projects I'd like to undertake is to use the data to reconstruct climate patterns of the time: it's been done from ships' logs at the battle of Trafalgar (1805), and a very eminent climate scientist has said it's worth looking into. And Sissy thanks for the blog: I blush. I must have committed a typo in my email - I meant so many Nobels rather than too many Nobels.

well said Goomp!

great post mighty SISU...

John Kerry is still sending emails?

you mean he is still in the Senate?

didn't he serve in Vietnam?

ps: could this new Beagle research the varying stories of Hillary Clinton on her vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq?

would Darwin call this evolution or revolution?

or just another lie?

pss: rumor has it, she is trying to de-authorize the Iraq war?

don't you need a time machine for something like this?

Not in the world according to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Brooklyn Boy. More than anyone else, she typifies the generation that believes the world revolves around their own sacred selves! Bunch of immature, mewling infants with no notion of consequences or true morality.

One would think that a 60-year old woman would have learned SOMETHING by now, but apparently not. HRC is a pathetic creature, comprised entirely of overwhelming ambition untempered by any ethical or moral base.

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