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May 10, 2007


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Ignorance!!! The liberal establishment is ignorant of human nature and the real world. They have a vision of what they think the world ought to be and think that if they deny the real nature of man it will change and become nice. Ignorance!!!

I'm not the least surprised. PBS has been more or less doing this very thing for years and years. This one is just a bit more obvious than most.

As for the Robert McNeils of this world... they aren't bowing down, they are standing up foursquare for radical Islam. After all, as long as those guys are killing people in the world, and the "McNeils" can blame it on America... they've got a pretty cushy job. The hell with keeping America a safe and free country.

Given the quantity of nonsense thrown at us on a daily basis, it's a miracle any of us are sane!

Is it possible they the documentary just got cut? I read there were several documentaries made for this and they had to narrow them down due to limited time. I watched this series on PBS and thought the documentaries were great and didn't see any bias in them.

Gaffney is, certainly, also not without his own personal agendas - I'm not surprised if the people determining what aired did make the judgement call that his film was alarmist - any look at one of his editorials would give you the gist of it, I'm sure, and he's not exactly about objectivity.

Honestly, it bugs me a little bit to see that people are still screaming that PBS did something awful by not airing the Gaffney documentary, and that it must therefore have some ridiculous bias. I don't think that this assumption could be further from the truth. I watched all of America at a Crossroads, and I thought the series did a good job at presenting a variety of opinions and perspectives. They had a film by Richard Perle of all people, so I hardly think you can call them liberals.

erglerg: You did better than I . . . I didn't watch any but read the transcripts of a couple, and for the most part they sounded excellent. It was Roger's take plus background news items that reported the bland McNeil episode -- panned even by the New York Times! -- that got me to thinking something was rotten in the state of Denmark.

newkillerstar: Thanks for your excellent comments . . . But may I remind you that every thinking person has an agenda . . . The "objectivity" self-delusion of our so-called MSM is a sad tale told by an idiot and signifying nothing.

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