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April 10, 2007


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When one crosses the politically correct line a woman's wrath can not compare with the fury.

Right, summer.....

"When the Reverends Jesse and Al swoop in for camera time and sound bites, you know there's something dead rotting in the sun" is wonderful.

The chutzpa of Sharpton, after the Tawana Brawley case,for which he never apologized is breathtaking.

I find the sudden outrage at Imus' misogynistic and racist rants somewhat astonishing since he has ALWAYS been that way? Why now?

I continue to remark that NOWHERE in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution is there a right not to be offended! These people need to put on their "big person" panties and start acting like grown-ups. If you don't like what Imus (or anyone else) is saying - DON'T LISTEN TO HIS SHOW. If his attitude offends you, DON'T GO ON HIS SHOW. How hard is this?

This nation's public life is beset by a bunch of big whiney infants - all of whom are in the mainstream media or politics!

Money... follow the money... I predict that Rutgers will make a pot of money off of this remark by Imus. Either he or MSNBC will write them a big fat check.

Whoa! This one has really got under a lot of people's skin over there. I'm running three posts on it [including yours] in tomorrow evening's Blogfocus. We're going to bring this thing to the Brits.

You see this, Sissy?


wonderful post...

i always knew there was something sneaky about the making of fudge...

i have heard Ms. Malkin herself treat some folks with some questionable vicious demeanor.

i remember when she called Ms. Meirs a 'bellhop'.

that was classy...

That the media continue to cover Sharpton and Jackson says all you need to know about their view of black Americans.

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