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April 14, 2007


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"who manages to make the Imus blowout all about him..."
seems a lot of liberal democrats can only think about themselves.
Imus was only thinking about himself, when he demeaned the Rutgers team.
Sharpton clearly tried to profit from those ugly words.
Hillary used the 'plantation' on MLK's Memorial Day in attempt to further herself.
while dividing the rest of us, happily exploiting racial issues.
Nifong tried to prosecute innocent Americans to help his political ambition.
none of the Democrats like Russert, Gregory, Mitchell, Barnicle, Matthews, Dodd, Schumer, Kerry, offered support for Imus, for fear of their own skins, but gladly used his show for their needs when they felt it was in their interest.
we know Nancy, Reid, Murtha, etc., want to abandon the free Iraqi People for their own political opportunity.
there is a sincere pattern here.

If Mr. Fierstein thinks things are bad as a gay man, he might want to try being a heterosexual white man... you want to talk about a segment of the population that is constantly taking the brunt of world criticism.

I'll make it easy for him - he can put himself in the shoes of one of the Duke Lacross players - now let's discuss PC politics!

If I bad mouth you it is free speech. If you bad mouth me it is persecution. It is only human nature. Very few among the so called elite have the slightest understanding of human nature. Until they do ignorance reigns supreme.

LOL - very true Goomp!

mullah cimoc say amerika right now this moment being destroy.

No. 1, him barak obama him working for the hilary clinton woman. divert the money from the real competitor with fake campaign. him test water on issues for clinton woman, see what safe for her.

No. 2, real mr. imus story of get the fired him. this been planning long time. imus him just convenient target, could have been anyone, if white and the male. this real purpose to terrorize media persons for lose job if tangle with this woman hilary clinton and the most important for signal true end of white male controlling usa. now this white man him target of new devil/satanic coalition made of lesbian, africa man, mexico man, and the white woman hate the man. This call the impose discipline.

this all part god plan yes. thising for purify white society to cleanse of the bad. so bad time for tattoo having people when cleansing time come. them get it very very first. like big neon sign on head say: i scum, please cleanse me.

Aw goomp - you are just incredible. Teresa is absolutely right about white men taking undeserved lumps these days. All men, really. Radical feminism has made all men the reason for all evil in this world - and of course, ESPECIALLY American men!

They give me no thanks when I remind them that these men they are so freely bashing were raised by WOMEN. Which, of course, I do just to get their hackles raised.

Mr. Fierstein might want to reflect on the possibility that his SUCCESS was the fluke and that now he is getting precisely the attention he deserved all along! How many people more talented than he is have had no success at all, ever?

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