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April 18, 2007


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It couldn't have been explained simpler and clearer than you have done. People kill, not guns. I had three for sixty-seven years and they have failed to kill man nor beast. However don't break into my house because they might take it upon themselves to kill.

so happpy to see you have such fine traffic.

congrats on your 800,000 th and hoping for many more.

cause it brings hope for folks like myself, that there are so many reading SISU.

Woot! Congrats on the 800K mark!

Part of the problem I see, with all this hindsight, is that America is still (yes, even now) "land of the free". It's also a country where most people don't live around immediate family and friends who have known them for years.

This means that we are reluctant to interfere in the lives of people like the VT killer. Even teachers don't know their pupils well enough to feel that they can press the university to take action when all you have is the feeling that this person scares you.

After all, if you step aside from all the hysteria, the last time we had a campus shooting of any magnitude was in 1966... 41 years ago! That's a very very long time. So, unless it becomes the rage among college students - should we change how students are dealt with because of one person who was clearly insane? Because you know what will happen... people who are simply deemed "not sociable enough" will be looked upon with suspicion and have to jump through hoops to prove that they aren't going to go out and kill off their classmates.

I guess people are okay with that... until it happens to them. Then they won't like it. Or, what if a teacher takes a dislike to a student (not an unknown occurrence - consider the Duke rape case...) how much easier would it be for that teacher to completely ruin a student's reputation for the rest of his life.

The problem is we are dealing with widely varied personalities. We will never ever be able to out think the next homicidal maniac. It just won't happen. Therefore, we'd be far better off training people on how to deal with emergencies. Letting teachers do concealed carry if they qualify - students too (not everyone qualifies of course). But if you have even 1% of the teacher-student population - ready to react to a bad situation - the loss of life decreases tremendously.

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