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April 03, 2007


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My advice to these Constitution destroying judges is to remember Nuremberg.They were put to death for their rulings. If they continue we shall have a dictatorship and it may be that W will say enough. America must live and fools must die.

Survival of the fittest is surely represented by raccoons living by the ship docking canal in the City of Chelsea. Let us hope that the people of the United States of America will prove equally adaptable to the challenges of the Islamic Hoard.

nothing supreme about it...

just more reason to get some serious voters to the polls in 2008.

i don't want Hillary picking another Ginsberg.

we have had enough laughs...

Raccoon: Clean, skin, quarter. Marinate overnight in red wine, olive oil, rosemary and thyme. Season well with salt and pepper, then grill to medium, and serve with a robust red, salad, and potatoes of your choice.

The Believers are not going to stop until we all get back to the horse and buggy, quit using toliet paper and bow down to Gaia as the new GOD.

Meanwhile, the Believers will continue living their convenient lives and justify them by purchasing the scam, Carbon Offsets, from Al Gore's company.

I have posted the full text of the Logan Act on my site. Why is it not being ENFORCED?

The Supreme Court Justices have now shown us why they went into law as opposed to science... they have zero scientific aptitude and they should stay the hell out of scientific debate. Geeze!

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