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April 23, 2007


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Arrrrggghhh is right. But as long as we have our Sissy Willis blogging it like it is, there is hope.

Andrew Sullivan needs a long vacation...

he should try Iran, or Syria for a few decades.

Harry Reid should visit Rome to find some guts, honesty, decency...

I was taught growing up that God sends us the Pope we need, at the time that we need him. Thus, we have Pope Benedict, our beloved Papa Ratzi, who loves God, cats and Mozart and who does, as hnav opines, possess guts, honesty and decency.

I fear that Harry Reid would recognize none of these virtues, consumed as he is by his arrogance and cowardice.

Sheik Yousuf says it all. The only reaon for Muslim jihad is the degenerate liberal culture of America. The liberals don't believe him. They know it is only George Bush.

Ah, goomp, once again you use a few wise words to completely illuminate the topic.

This is very well written. I agree with you completely!

"...we should be requiring our students -- and ourselves -- to take at least one scout-like survival course..."

As a follower of Darwin, perhaps you might think of it this way. You give people the option (which they already have available in all communities) to learn first aid and survival techniques. There will be few who believe it is necessary. The fittest will take these classes and give themselves a better grounding to survive in case of emergency.

As for the Sheik - I see he blames violence in America on our way of life - movies, television, etc. So how does he explain violence in his own culture and country. Apparently devout Muslims - gunning people down and blowing people up... it couldn't be our culture causing it. The Imam's are constantly spouting out how evil we are. Which means that they must turn their backs on our culture, thus our culture can't possibly be the cause of their violence. If religion is all they have - then we must blame that for their violence.

I'd say something about Andrew Sullivan, but I can't even make myself begin to care about what he thinks.

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