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April 26, 2007


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If one doesn't understand the ignorance of Democrats and much of the MSM regarding the intent of militant Islam, their lack of support for the war to protect us seems like a death wish. We can only hope that the real world is being brought into focus by those such as Michael Yon who find the truth and get the attention of people like Brian Williams.

I love Michael's writing although I don't get time to read it all when regular life interferes. I recently dropped him a tip, I wish it could have been more - he deserves all of our support.

thanks for your support of the mighty Mr. Yon...

but no, Mr. Williams is only going to manipulate everything for the Democrats.

the MSM is lost, dishonest, unethical, mindless...

even if Williams embraced the truth a little, they would pull him.

it sickens those paying attention, and should sicken all.

today, the Democrats voted to undermine their own Country, to abandon those who need our help the most, weakening the defense of the fight for freedom in the World.

and the Democrat Partisans in the MSM are trying their best to sell it.

even though, prior to the NOV. 2006 election, they promoted the idea, this would never happen.

complete bs...

total garbage...

all for the Democrat Partisan greed for power.

Michael Yon is good, and if I could support two onsite bloggers, I would. The few $$$ I can spare go to michaeltotten.com right now, though.

As for partisanship in the MSM, etc, I do have to say that it is necessary to keep an eye out for that, and also to remember that, since certain areas of the blogosphere "mainstreamed," one should keep their guard up on them, too. No aspersions cast in particular, (A notre hôtesse gracieuse - surtout pas à vous!) Just a general caveat.

Yon is the best reporter currently in Iraq, in my opinion.

Being former Special Forces gives him a leg up on most of the media covering the war.

The military isn't some unknown quantity to him: they are family.

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