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April 16, 2007


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An introduction for the nature-denying liberals of our campuses to the world that human nature creates.

very sad indeed...

remember when these liberals said the Washington Sniper had to be a White Right Wing Religious Extreme?

these liars in the MSM make me sick.

young kids are killed, and they can only think of their mindless political greed.

the other day, ABC misreported the AG's statement in the WAPO.

then CBS misrepresented the statements of the President.


Keith Olberman of MSNBC is blaming Bush for the massacre at Va Tech and his blame is based on faulty information.

Funny. I thought the shooter is the villain here.

It is the lowest of the low to inject a political agenda during a time such as this and the MSM has fallen so low that down is up.


My mom called all sad and depressed when she heard about the shooting. Even though I'm not a kid anymore, she still feels for the parents whose children have died in this VA massacre. I guess she wanted me to hold her tight and tell her that I was all right and I will be okay.

I couldn't since I was on the phone, but I told her I was fine. I think she uttered a tearful, "I love you."

Sad really. You know, people argue that banning guns on campuses increases safety. However, it doesn't really matter if one has homocidal tendencies. They're either going to smuggle one on campus or use something else. I believe there was one where they allowed guns on a private school campus where there was a shootout, but that's one compared to TONS where the students could not carry. I wonder if we applied a different solution THAT way, would it go down like where crime went down when they allowed conceal and carry permits.

It disgusts me where they blame the people instead of saying that the shooter had homocidal tendencies and quite disturbing behaviior. I'm sure that along the way where he stalked women and wrote disturbing things that they blamed everybody except him.

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