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April 15, 2007


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I am as devout a capitalist as they come, but even I must recognize that the developed, more-or-less capitalist world has not always covered itself in glory in dealing with the developing world... Mr. Ratzinger's point seems to be that the world's poor have generally taken it in the neck regardless of which ideology their tormentors subscribed to, a point which is borne out well by study of the contemporary history of, well, just about anywhere, and just about any -ism or institution, including Mr. R's Church.

Rising tides do indeed lift boats, and liberal democracy, the rule of law and free market economics have done much to improve the lot of people in the world.

Rising tides also tend to drown your ass if you don't have a boat and aren't good at treading water.

"Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite." - John Kenneth Galbraith

Or to quote another wise man, Pete Townshend: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Human nature is human nature. I believe most of us like to think of ourselves as good and kind but in reality while we are generaly not evil we take advantage of the opportunities that open up before us and if it is generally considered acceptable we give little thought to possible disadvantages that it may cause others. Material wellbeing, again speaking generally depends on planning and effort. Those who plan well and work hard may prosper more than those that don't but it does not necessarily consist of exploitation of others who do not expend the same effort. It does however help raise the wellbeing of all in as much as it increases supply and demand.

Man proposes nothing in the sight of God! His Will will be done - and our reliance on that is the hardest thing of all to sustain - the pure faith that God knows what He is doing.

And our beloved Papa Ratzi turns 80 today (April 16th). Thanks for continuing to follow the pontiff. He's definitely one of the good guys, and a tireless leader and shepherd.

I wouldn't be too hard on him for what he's said about evolution, which as you point out, he does support. When I attended Smith College back on the late 70's, studying biology, I distinctly recall one of my biology professors pointing our all the disconnects, gaps and inconsistencies in Darwin's theory of evolution and in the historical record. Evolution is of course widely accepted, but it's not fully understood. The notion of a gradual evolutionary change over time (the progression of horses being the classic example) was discarded in favor of the "punctuated equilibrium" theory of evolution. We probably haven't heard the last word on how evolution actually worked.

"...people should know better, by now, than to ever, ever, ever accept media spin on what the pope has said."


the liberal push in the MSM is so vividly dishonest.

that rule above should apply to Republicans as well, for they always play the game, trying to debase support for anyone other than a Democrat.

you have to wonder, if they simply are insane.

either they go to work, and lie nearly everyday, or they are simply so lost in a partisan denial, they see everything in a bizarre twist.

regardless, it seems both unethical and nutty.

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