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April 28, 2007


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Liberals: Ignorant of human nature including their own and ignorant of the lessons of history. While I find the re-establishing of the Arabian Onyx interesting and possibly desirable one must understand the history of the world is accompanied by the history of evolution with the continual extinction of some species and the development of others.If liberals have thier way modern civilization may revert to tribal tyranny.

I wrote an article on my blog regarding those concrete walls and how they can stop the more than 1,000 years of violence.

The blog article is entitled:

“10 years of inconvenient walls VERSUS another 1,000 years of violence”



My views on liberals are unprintable so best I don't comment. Down, blood pressure, down!

such a fine post.

it is so true, to see a liberal democrat partisan in NYC, pause in some questioning, when i remind them that Iraq is a mission of Liberation.

but if Iraqis demonstrated a great deal, for the USA to stay, as they have expressed (in smaller ways), the MSM would hide it, and liberal democrat partisans would say the Bush Administration paid Agents to fake the scene.

the democrat partisan has become this unglued.

no reason whatsoever in my arena...

of course, this is a State, which returned Hillary Clinton to the Senate.

but i feel the dementia of the modern liberal democrat stems from the failures of Carter, and the gross negligence of the Clinton Experience.

they simply cannot have GW, another Republican like Reagan, succeed.

they can't handle it...

it blows their entire conception of the world, and they begin to fabricate the very worst.

at least it is a theory...

Thanks for the return link!

Alas, what really complicates this matter is that the Dems are so invested in losing Iraq that the endangered Arabian Onyx may not bring liberals to Iraq's cause.

But I think the overall idea of appealing to the liberal value of emotions and feelings over facts and reality still holds water.

Show them crying babies, endangered insects, and oppressed women.

Get Madonna to adopt an Iraqi child.

Let Rosie save an Iraqi lesbian from being stoned to death.

Send Sean Penn on a mission to free imprisoned filmmakers in Iran.

Ask Oprah to sponsor a new school in Anbar.

I love the comments to this post. Thank you all. :-)

They aren't so adorable when they're young - but WOW when they're grown, they are spectacular!

Thanks, Sissy!

If they are like their southern African cousins -Gemsbok, so called because of their "diamond" facial markings - Arabian Oryx can let its body temperature rise from 99.5 to 113 F to endure extreme heat and the young are dun colored to elude predators. As for the rapier-like horns, imagine you were a lion and your preferred mode of attach was to leap on the back and go for the neck. All you'd get from an Oryx was impaled.

That oryx looks like it might be tasty, braised in a red wine sauce. Of course, that would be forbidden to devout Muslims...

...which means "more for me."

Having partaken of food prepared by Elisson... I can say I think it would be delicious. *grin* When's dinner?

Oryx is good, especially rolled in coriander seeds and dried - biltong at its best.

As for eating one's way through African fauna, I can recommend Springbok poached in wine and Ostrich with mushroom sauce. Warthog is fine, too. I'm less sure I'd suggest crocodile tail to someone I liked, and giant frog was something I just couldn't face, for all that it was staring up at me in all its eviscerated glory and lovingly prepared by Owambo nuns. And then there are the mopani worms...

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