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April 22, 2007


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Yes, those folks can feel sanctified as they screw in their fluorescent lightbulb, sanctified and purified! Hallelujah Lord! Can I get an Amen?!

I just read an excellent article this morning about environmentalism being the new religion:

It comes down to religion. Most humans need the security of a belief that is certain and that makes their life meaningful. Those who do not inherit a belief with which they are comfortable must search until they find one. Hence those who cast off the traditional religions must make new ones such as environmental worship.

Miss Kelly: Michael Crichton's ""Environmentalism as Religion," cited in your link, was the subject of "Repent, o ye energy sinners!" my second-ever blogpost way back in December of 2003:


I am 64 years old and while I am fairly well preserved, I have to tell you, I use those "soft pink" lightbulbs in any place where there is a mirror. I don't need the harsh light of a compact fluorescent delineating anything I'm not interested in viewing! And since the whole global warming thing is so much crud in my view - I'm going to stock up on my beloved soft pink babies so I am not forced into something I know I won't like!

I do use the compact bulbs in areas where it is difficult or inconvenient or just plain annoying to replace bulbs - like the outside lights! Don't really care how the skeeters feel about how they look!

We use about half CFLB's in our house. This is because these are high use lights. Not only does it make my electric bill smaller but they burn out less often so I don't have to replace them as much. Gotta say, I don't need high powered lighting in my office - it makes the computer screen hard to see. Plus I don't really care about my looks while sitting at my desk.

OTOH - I see no reason to go to a web site and tot up my use of various light bulbs. Good grief! I don't go to a web site and list the various recyclables I put out every week. I don't list any other type of activity I do for daily living. Why should I list my lighting? Apparently for the glory of it. Sheesh!

Actually when you get right down to hard cases, our whole society is breathtakingly banal. And as the saying goes -- Not that there is anything wrong with that. May you live in interesting times is hardly meant as a 'good' thing.

But what is truly annoying is exactly what you have highlighted. The sanctimony and the mindless ego-gratification that appears to come from the new 'belief system'. Not belonging to a 'religion' now and not being much of a 'joiner', I am hardly interested in now joining the cult of the self-obsessed.

"Whether or not you do this or that to cut down on your energy use, how can an honorable human person wallow in the cheap thrill of bragging about one's CO2 purity?"

I think you have not only asked but answered this question. Most people don't even know how to spell 'honorable'. It represents a quaint vestige of a long-forgotten past. That makes it perfectly OK to wallow to your heart's content. Of course it makes it easier to wallow away when you try to force everyone else to convert to your 'beliefs' as well.

All we are missing is the mandatory gaia induced 'auto-de-fey', and everyone can feel perfectly content.

If the State wants me to use different bulbs then it can pay me to so do. Otherwise -- Butt Out. I use dimmers everywhere and they don't work with CFL technology. I calculate that with a little planning and stockpiling of the 'bad' bulbs, I can live out my days without ever having to publicly renounce my heretic ways.

Despite the emotive language 'climate hysteria' and 'lemming like rush', and despite the cynical way the governments have latched on to it as a way of making megabucks from a situation they themselves created by their policies, the actual fact of the warming remains unaltered. No amount of rhetoric can alter what's happening.

Over here, there is no compulsion to buy these bulbs but people do becasue they really are cheaper on the monthly electricity bill.

By the way, Sissy, what do you think of the NAU? I've just run a post on it and would like to know your thoughts.

James: You nicely illustrate my point about market forces vs. compulsion. As for man's alleged responsibility for which way the wind blows, my understanding is that while warming is a measurable fact, the jury is still very much out regarding cause/causes.

Re NAU: Hadn't heard much about it -- other than noting that former Massachusetts Governor William Weld is a co-chair -- Good coverage at your blog. Thanks!

My immediate knee-jerk reaction is that anything that Albert Gore, Jr. claims to be true is probably hogwash but with the equivocation that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I think it is far more likely that we are experiencing a rather routine fluctuation that happens from time to time; the fact that it is happening now is causing the baby-boom entitlement generation to think it's all about THEM when, in fact, it's perfectly normal.

I well remember 30 or so years ago when dire predictions abounded that the earth was getting COLDER and that we'd all be freezing to death at some unspecified point in time.

I find doomsday predictions extremely difficult to take seriously. I've heard way too many in my lifetime already and will doubtless hear way too many in whatever time is left to me.

Actually, I did sign up for the bulb registry thingy, but more to proving Glenn's point on market forces. I like the idea that people prove they are doing things by personal motivation (be it environmental feelings or trying to lower the electric bill). However, I'll admit that I'm probably naive about how my stats will be manipulated for somebody's agenda.

And Ms. Willis, it's not just NECN. Channel 4 (WBZ) has jumped the shark on global warming as well.

I used to respect their weather staff...

We live in a plutocracy, for pluto is acceptable that the philosofical elite lies to the citizens of the republic.
That is just what happens, the world is run by fear, and by what Plato called the noble lies.
The formula used to rule the world is called the hegelian dialect and it is the update done by
Georg Hegel to the work of Plato.

Human rights, the united nations, the world bank, the central banks are the temples of society.
Since they control everything they can lie and make the lie the truth.
Politicians are just avarage idiots bribed and threated. They just say what they are told to.

People are led to belive that they are responsables.

people are led to go to war and kill people that otherwise they would love.
worse they torture people like they kill flies.
people need to open their eyes, or the cycle will repeat itself for ever.

Humanity is hanging in a cross

LuisPereira: Hegel was a totalitarian at heart. Check out Dr. Sanity for details:

The evolution of education into indoctrination:


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