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April 19, 2007


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Jeff Jacoby writes today " Do we really need religion." His answer is we can't do without it. Atheists drift with no uniform guide as to how to conduct life. He concludes that evil has been done in the name of all religions but that the Judeo-Christian beliefs have led to the most successful civilizations. It is rather strange that I personally am a non believer but agree with you and with him.

At some point we have to stop accepting justifications for this foolishness and start holding people directly and terminally accountable.

What would Tiny and Baby do?

Given my overwhelming passion for both of them, what they would do - I advocate as well!

Actually - if anyone threatened me, my Sammy would irreparably tear them some new orifices! And then Tim would probably yell at them (he's a Siamese - it's what he does).

Cats are the BEST!

Please hug those beautiful creatures: Baby and Tiny from me, would you? I absolutely love each and every bit of both of them.

I spent the whole weekend feeling kind of blah and only started feeling better when I started permitting the extraordinary cats who permit me to live with them to minister to me. There's a lot to be said for the healing powers of a kitty kiss! And a Sammy purr can cure the worst blues!

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