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March 02, 2007


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Klein is right to be scared.

The Internet , bloggers and other forms of media are becoming just as viable as the Old Guard .

The difference is bloggers and like media are quicker to admit to and correct their mistakes .

Print media is bleeding out and I don't see them turning it around. There will always be that niche that prefers to read a newspaper or magazine because they don't like computers or they are intimidated by the new media.

But for the rest of us, it's like broadband.

Once you've tasted high speed on AL Gore's Internet, dial up just won't cut it.

Real time information can't be gotten from print media.

By the time you open the newspaper, the news is already old.

I am glad to see Bob Woodruff is recovering from his ordeal and I wish him well.

The more ideas that are given daylight the better. It may be confusing but better a confused mind than a closed mind and as you point out you may do great good.

It's true that we're only as good as our last post but often the effect is felt a few days later.

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