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March 28, 2007


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"Meet John Doe" with Gary Cooper and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" with James Stuart represent the Greatest Generation which existed in my youth. Unfortunately the incompetents of the current generation are well represeneted in our current politicians and media. Let us hope that the John Does as pictured by Michelle Maulkin and the Mr. Smiths can rise in their inate wisdom and lead us to the strength to overcome the sloth of those who deny the dangers of the real world.

I am getting sick of ALL of them.

Baby for President!

I like Gayle's idea. Baby would be perfect. Just sit there looking enigmatic and gorgeous. *grin*

Rudy's stance doesn't surprise me. He's tough on crime (and maybe even has a good defense ethic) but he's a social liberal.

In the end it comes down to which candidate is going to have the most issues in accordance with your views. But in the meantime, watching all the pols scramble after the "global warming" vote is weirdly amusing.

Baby for President. Sissy for vice president. After all, SHE has opposable thumbs!

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