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March 29, 2007


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I think they tortured her by witholding her smokes.

However, I consider her statements to be unforgiveable for a military person unless drug-induced.

And what makes you think they weren't coerced in some way. The minute she gets home and her fellow sailors are released, I guarantee we will hear a whole different story.

The Islamofascists do not really understand our cultures very well, you know. They think that what they are doing right now is making them big deals throughout the world, as they believe that their vile threats of destruction aimed at Israel (primarily) and our nation (collaterally) will make us quiver with terror. What they do not understand - and probably never will - is that this great nation (and Israel) will only tolerate so much nonsense before slamming back in a most definitive manner. Israel especially is capable of doing real damage and they're already provoked to the edge of retaliation.

The thing is obscene and you're right - Blair is too weak.

If Blair pulls a Jimmah Carter, he'll lose all the respect he's gained up to now with his stance on the war.

As for the prisoners - we have zero way of knowing what is going on behind the scenes there. I refuse to ridicule them for what is presented in teeny bits and pieces to the media. As we all know it's very easy to manipulate pictures and video.

Until they get back and we get their entire story - we have no standing to criticize them... even then, I'd venture to say we don't have much room to snark at those who put their lives on the line for their country.

I have lived in Iran in the 70's when I was working for a gas company, and you shouldn't stereotype Islamic countries. Most Iranians are very nice, hospitable people, and Gayle-you are very wrong. Many of the men AND women there don't wan't women to wear headscarves because those women prefer to show off their hair, but before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, The King was in power and life was much more peaceful, free and secular then. By the way, it's us stupid, islamphobic Brits who don't understand one single bit of what theEasis like, yet we think we think we do but eating curries and stir fries.

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