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March 21, 2007


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Albert Gore Jr. wouldn't know a moral issue if it bit him on the butt!

Meanwhile, Tuck has done an absolutely splendiferous job on those bolster cushions. I AM impressed with his ingenuity and persistent common sense.

As to Tiny and Baby and how beautiful they are, as soon as I figure out my new digital camera, I will be posting their equal - my amazingly gorgeous Sam. Tim, you've already seen in all his quirky glory.

My eyes glazed over as I heard Gore compare the fight to stop Global Warming to the Spartans fighting the Persians in the movie " 300 ".

I would have listened more to this insanity Gore was spewing on C-Span but projectile vomiting is something I want to avoid.

Global Warming. A new route to a fascist society. Heil Gore. The desire to rule others is one of nature's evils. Tuck's bolsters are superb.

bolsters look amazing!

great color and pattern as well.

i am with Goomp, as usual.

Gore's Green Swindle is just like Stalin's Communism, with the elite getting to pollute, while profiting and growing control over others.

perhaps the saddest, a one time, considered somewhat credible Senator named Al, returns as some loony demagog...

the Democrat run Congress has invited Gore, Plame, fired US Attorneys, etc...

will they only use Congress for exploitating their partisan political agenda?

or will they actually attend to the business of our Nation...

if only they paid as much attention to fighting the light bulb, as they did monstrous terrorism.

Democrats have proven themselves again, to be unworthy of having power.

Nancy's campaign promises, prior to NOV. 2006, are an even bigger joke today...

What hath God wrought? I suspect Satan would be the more likely culprit!

Czech Vaclav Klaus is perhaps the clearest voice denouncing all forms of totalitarian government in Eastern Europe, and for decades has been a champion of individual liberties for the rest of the world.

Too bad more people don't take him seriously

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