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March 31, 2007


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Zoo born and raised. That does lead to an explaination of the liberal leftist world view. During the learning years of my generation the history of human development and growth was taught in the schools. While one did not personally suffer under the rule of evil or fanatical rulers one did see that they do and always have existed and have to be controlled or eliminated by force if one does not wish to be their victim. Many today have been educated to believe that such people are subject to be changed by gifts and kind thoughts. They have been raised in a zoo-like atmosphere sheltered from reality.

I remember a sign held up by a Muslim in England during the anti- Mohammed cartoon protest that said:

" Free speech is TERRORISM ".

Little by little everything changes until you look around one day and recognize nothing.

Will we heed the warning that is this threatening lawsuit by these imams to silence us into dhimmitude ?

I've been in touch with my inner pussycat for a long time. Sam and Tim never let me forget it!

The exquisite Tiny is just enchanting. Some cats really enjoy being groomed. My Sam will hop up on my lap and REQUEST it. Of course, that probably has something to do with the praise and cooing (he deserves it) lavished upon him during the process. He truly is a cat as lusciously lovely inside as he is outside - just like Tiny and the Babe!

And just FYI - I think goomp ROCKS!

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