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March 23, 2007


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I repect Rick's right to his analysis but I think he overlooks that global temperature change has been a constant as long as the earth has existed. The temperature is rising on planets that have no animal life or atmosphere. The intensity of the sun varies, and that causes global warming and cooling.

The worshippers at the altar of Algore have managed to push the argument of global warming into a cul-de-sac. It's no longer possible to have a rational view of the environment - everything is an EMERGENCY and must be fixed THIS MINUTE!!! The sheer stupidity of this drives rational people to immediately dismiss any discussion because they already know they will be pounded with idiocies that make no logical sense.

It is NOT true that all climatologists agree with the assertions being made. There are quite a number who disagree and are promptly (with the usual liberal aplomb) tarred and feathered as being under the thumb of the "evil oil companies". Why argue about stupid things like facts when you can simply call your opponent evil or stupid or even a Nazi.

--Is the global temperature rising? Yes. That is a fact.

--Why? We DON'T KNOW. That too is a fact.

--Are humans responsible? We DON'T KNOW. That is also a fact. (which even Al has had to concede when pressed for facts)

What should we do? Concentrate on spending money fixing problems we already know humans create. Helping people who can benefit immediately.

As Bjorn Lomborg says so often. There are things we can do to help the environment and save lives - not only that but vastly improve the quality of life for millions. Concentrating on global warming is not in the best interests of improving our world. It wastes resources with little or nothing to show in the end.

As usual... follow the money - the Global Warming religion generates mega bucks for a certain segment of people. It's in their best interest to keep the scare alive and well... to hell with the rest of the world.

Oops - forgot to say... your kitties are looking beautiful. *grin*


hot, hot, hot...

air mr. gore is...

darwin would have read SISU...

me thinks...

Who do you get your facts from?

I look to scientists for...uhh science not political partisanship and corruption.

My link is to a video by the American Association for the Advancement of science.

Good exchange with Rick, who is a mensch. These internets are great, ain't they?

I think our using the term "hoax" is counter-hyperbole. My opinion: whatever the causes are, it doesn't matter, and who cares? We will cope.

Mars is heating up.

How to explain that ?

I just don't believe " climate change " is man made.

Fabulous pictures of the kitties as always...

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