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March 06, 2007


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Have we arrived in a Nazi world run by arrogant liberals? If we have it may be time for a an uprising before they kill us if we object to their agenda.

it is such a tragedy...

how in the world could any lawyer allow their (Bush Administration Official) Client to be judged by a WAPO Reporter?

if you are a Republican, you are now a criminal.

Tim Russert led the way...

Christmas for he and his partisan Democrat friends.

Meanwhile, there are monstrous Radical Terrorists trying to kill Americans around the world.

Meow. We're gonna think Libby free. Watch us.

The pics of human/kitty love just made me go AWWWW! Tiny/Tuck - expressing their deep affection. Bet it was early morning. My Tim stands on my lap in the early mornings when I'm drinking my first, much-needed cup of coffee and me bumps the top of his head to my chin and purrs his little heart out, with me melting into a puddle of love! Sam finds the entire display annoying.

As to the MSM - Larry King made a POINT of asking last night (before I could reduce the sound on my solitaire game) - "Well when do you suppose they'll be indicting Karl Rove?" of something or other! They just don't give up, do they.

I think we should declare "Bitch Slap a Liberal Month" and make it soon!

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