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March 04, 2007


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Looks like President Bush is a truly educated man who is an intellectual and not of the uninformed intellectual class that is the mainstay of liberalism.

Sissy, I love the Sun commercials. Not only is the Sun one of the first positive role models for a father and husband I've seen in a commercial for a long time, it positively makes me smile, no matter how often I have seen them.

Father Sun is optimistic, and commanding when he has to be, as when he tells his wife and daughters that they do have time for breakfast if he does, for after all he has to light up the entire eastern seaboard in fifteen minutes. I do love the cloud/sun interchange the best.

The commercials are clever and low-key. Father Sun, being a wise and kind man, never takes offense, even when the snarky woman in one commercial asks him if he had ever heard of drive-thru. He calmly answers, "Ever heard of Jimmy Dean?"

And yes, the commercials have worked with me. My husband loves to make breakfast on the weekends and he's tried some of the Jimmy Dean offerings.

Haven't seen the Jimmy Dean commercials - but I love the Taco Bell commercials with the lions. *grin* And I don't eat any of that stuff so none of these offerings will entice me to buy. Oh well, at least an enjoyable commercial makes for better viewing.

As for the rest - how can we tell if the people of Great Britain dislike us, all we have to go on is the output of their own MSM - which I know is about as reliable as ours.

Would have given a front tooth to be there.

Country sausage. Is there nothing it can't do?

Those commercials ALWAYS call forth a gentle smile from me. Wish I could digest country sausage, Weasel, because I surely do love it - alas, an insecure tummy precludes that pleasure!

The cloud is my brother. Seriously.

Esther: I had no idea Cloud had a sister . . . do you wander lonely?

Seriously, he is one talented actor. He inhabits the character with all the gloom and doom one would expect of a cloud. :-)

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