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March 15, 2007


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Is the United States becoming a fascist country? Many of our universities and colleges seem to have a fascist code for teaching the prejudices of the professors rather than developing the enquiring mind. Now those educated in such an atmosphere seem ready to use the same methods for public debate. Eagles must gather.

I love school. *grin* When I went back for my Computer Science degree, I saw the vast gulf between 18-22 year old students and those teaching them. As for me - I was in my early 30's and didn't give 2 hoots about being a quiet student. I asked questions and posed issues... nicely.

I left one of the TA's alone because she was so young that even though she was a lefty with a huge chip on her shoulder - it wasn't worth it to argue with her in a basic speech class. *grin* She was too easy of a mark - plus she was fired after the semester she taught our class.

In a different class I had a teacher in his mid 40's - it was some politically correct class I had to have to graduate. He wasn't a bad guy... but one day he showed a "documentary" about how Nike was exploiting some third world country people. As a counter to the evil Nike they talked about a Canadian shoe company that was "nice" to these same people.

As I was walking out the door, I said "isn't it interesting how they had all those interviews with actual workers about how evil Nike was... yet not a single solitary interview with workers at the other plant..."

To his credit he looked very surprised and said "I never noticed that". Heh. I was waiting for the argument - it never came. Sadly he really didn't think about it - just accepted - as far too many people do.

The image of an army of old farts descending on campuses and infiltrating college classes to take on college professors by asking questions is horrifying to a lot of people. The audacity!

It's such a splendid idea that I may try to do it myself. I'm still working on my doctorate anyway (and have been for some 20 years). I could continue working on my degree for oh - another 10 years or so?

Meanwhile, that "Army of Old Farts" did a remarkably good job this past week in DC at the "Gathering of Eagles" - and apparently their numbers matched the number of anti-war types who showed up - not in the hundreds of thousands but rather in the mere thousands - only Mother Cindy showed up, but no other so-called celebs. But did the news media report any of it. Heck no!

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