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March 13, 2007


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May the words of Michael Yon echo through the minds of the people of our country. We can and should be leaders of freedom throughout the world but not if we deny the existence of evil enemies whom we must eliminate by force.

Better late than never. Too bad it's taken so long for them to figure out Michael can really do the job for them. He's been at it a very long time. I hope this is the beginning of the pendulum swinging back onto the side of the free world taking back the airwaves and headlines.

That's quite all right, Sissy. He's earned the right.

well done...

thank you.

The Democrats, meanwhile -- if we're lucky -- will be shouting into the wind.

I don't know, but they sure do seem to excel at pissing into it.

Frankly any lawyer that sues ina terrorists behalf should be barred for life from practicing law and any judge who rules in a terrorists behalf should lose their jobs

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