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March 07, 2007


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wonderful post...

but if Mr. Williams misguided facade in covering Katrina is any evidence of his future potential, the Man will provide nothing but dishonest political manipulation.

Democrat Partisans are lying so often, so intensely, they no longer know the truth anymore.

And now they are running with Hillary and Bill again, with memories of "didn't inhale"...

Why do Democrats lie?

Mike Yon has in fact rubbed off on Brian Williams, Brian has Mike's blog bookmarked and considering that Brian interviewed the CSM Jeff Mellinger, it's a good bet he reads Mikes blog often.

I wonder how close Williams is to being replaced by Wheel of Fortune? To be fair to the MSM, they do game shows better than bloggers do.

Excellent post !!

Even hardline critic of the Iraq war, reporter / correspondent Michael Ware , is on board. He believes in giving the surge the time it needs to be implemented in its entirety.


Ware also slaps down those investors of defeat, the Democrats, and their latest efforts to repeat the Vietnam War.

Can CBS's Katie Couric be far behind?

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