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February 04, 2007


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i love this, towel orgami?

the GOP ain't licked yet, like the tide, we will rise again, especially with Hillary peddling Marx again.

by the way, did you see the PUPPY BOWL Halftime?

Kittens on parade...
Animal P's PUPPY BOWL HalfTime Show

She will continue to reveal her true self and true agenda. The woman cannot help it. She is shrill, humorless, far from the smartest woman in America, and the more people see of her, the more disliked she will be. Her own words can be used to defeat her permanently.

We are so lucky to have politicians, lawyers, and academics who have never worked in the competitive world of managing the production of the basic things which we all consider necessary on hand to tell us how to to run things.

A tip when ordering from Amazon. If there is any type of "wait time" at all over 24 hours, you won't get the book for ages and certainly not within whatever time they specify.

I once cancelled a book from them after 3 months waiting - it was supposed to take 2 weeks to send out. Basically they're good for what they have in stock - anything else is a toss up. Love the origami towel book though. LOL.

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