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February 09, 2007


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Thanks for joining in our Uncritical Birthday Celebration.

Actually, if you want the one sentence that truly tells you all you need to know about her thinking, it's this one...

"My daughter, a committed vegetarian, now tells me that in a hundred years none of us will ever believe that we were eating meat..."

On what set of "facts" does her daughter create this claim? On the fact that she herself is a vegetarian and will suddenly become diet overlord - thus telling everyone what they should eat?

On what rational basis does Ms. Faust accept this claim as fact? Because her daughter says so, therefore it must be true? I would have been far more impressed if she had posited that we would no longer be dependent on oil in 100 years. (at least there are people working on that one)

The implication of the above partial quote should not be lost either. They want this and will try to find some way to "make" the rest of the world do as they wish. What would she say if someone who hated vegetables told her that "someday no one will be eating vegetables, you will all be eating meat because we think it's better for you."

The very fact that rabid feminists (like any other rabid political type group) believe they know what's better for us and want to manage our lives, should make any educated person cringe. Because she is so enamored of her own world view, she wants to "make" people see the world as she does. This precludes any rational discussion over whether her views are valid or not. Why should such a person be leading an institution where the primary goal should be rational inquiry?

The fact that she is seriously being considered to lead Harvard, means there are no more critical thinkers at Harvard and it's pre-eminence remains only because of its money. How sad.

Teresa: Thanks for your rousing rant! And you're right about the money. As Hugh Hewitt wrote yesterday:

"Taking a notoriously liberal institution and handing it over to a hard left academic is a sure way to spell disaster among the donors. The trouble is that Harvard doesn't need its donors. It doesn't need anyone or anything."

so sad...

but this is exactly what we see in the MSM everyday...

everything, nearly everwhere is all PC, without substance.

This is fascinating, Sissy, not least because I'm reading it from across the pond. Actually, I'm an expat sitting in Russia right now.

Do you mind if I run a second article on Faust [indicative name, yes], drawing heavily on you?

By the way, love your blog layout. More later.

Egad, James. Draw heavily at will, and be sure to send me a link. Thanks so much for your kind words.

Just came over again to get the text. By the way, did you see my Girlpower Blogfocus this evening? Explosion of girl bloggers. Boys are on Tuesday. Feel free to delete this link once you've got it. The others know the Focus is the only thing I ever promote so don't be fearful I'll be a pest.


OK, here it is, Sissy. It pales next to yours but it's the best I could do:


Thanks, James. A first-rate post, and thanks again for the citation and link. :-)

As if to prove your point, the Boston Globe article in today's paper includes this telling quote, about her research on "reprehensible characters" such as slave-owners and a "Southern elitist white woman":

" 'Sometimes I couldn't resist using those, probably because they weren't entirely representative but were such an extreme that they did have that startling effect that reminds you who these people were,' Faust said in the magazine article, 'and that they are not you.' "

Oh, no, Ms. Faust, you're SO much better than those awful people.

Gag me with a soup ladle.

Meant to include a link for above:


Drew Gilpin Faust is a Girl Scout and a lady. She understands better than you Yankee women what it's like to be a lady. You are just reading her writing so that you can pick it apart and try to show that you are smarter than she is. Bless your hearts you try.

I forgot to put in a link to the DGF fan club

Link to fan club

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