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February 11, 2007


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It is time for those humans in the world of the Fausta type to tell it like it is and to tell the fascists and the Marxists to turn it off before Islamic onslaught overwhelms the insipid politically correct world in which they live.

Magnificent post Sissy. My Harvard ancestors, Daniel Epps, Joseph Estabrook, and Ezra Whitmarsh must be spinning in their graves.

Hillary Rodham Clinton hijacking a girl scout meme really frosted me over the weekend.

This utterly cynical and sociopathic creature will say anything, do anything, lie about anything - shift and waffle and flipflop in any way she thinks necessary to attain POWER. She has no interest in serving our Republic - only in being a pettifogging dictator! She REALLY MUST BE STOPPED.

"War, she writes, "offers an authenticity and intensity of experience" missing elsewhere in modern society."

Considering that there have been wars for as long as there have been humans, how does she explain it in "non-modern" societies? How does she explain it in third world African countries where there are no modern amenities to make life easier and thus war more appealing?

It's a stupid statement. As per your earlier entry on Ms. Faust, we see once again that she can only see things in relation to her own world view, which looks to me to be extremely narrow indeed.

Authentic and intense experiences abound for those who are not sleepwalking through their lives, content merely to consume and exist. These are not presented to us all gift wrapped and silver plattered, however. You have to seek authentic interaction within community, within nature, within the pleasure of work done well and burdens shared with others. Intensity comes from exercise, from artistry, from passion, from letting yourself feel and daring to do more than you or others might have believed possible. An authentic life is lived deeply, sensitively, engagingly, and purposefully, and not in a vacuum or for its own sake alone.

Not everything modernity offers is inauthentic and meaningless, but we who have so many choices available to us have to be more deliberate about what we will stand for and what we are willing to risk, and to gain, than those for whom daily survival is the overarching concern. Food security was a prerequisite of civilization, allowing time for specialists like academics to ply their craft without spending all their waking hours in the fields, on the hunt, or defending community resources from those who would take them for themselves. Without farmers, we do not eat. Without soldiers, we are not secure. Authentic and intense experience is not the sole province of either vocation, however, though it may elude those whose senses are dulled by drudgery or who accept an inward facing cloister of their own devising.

Yet another powerful post and I particularly liked the last paragraph. Will you accept from this man that he loves women but detests militant feminism because it tears us apart when we should be together. There are issues - yes. Women can't occupy some second rate position but equally, men and women are ideally suited to work together if they're allowed to. This is something Drew Gilpin Faust doesn't seem to understand.

Lawrence Keeley's book "War Before Civilization, The Myth of the peaceful Savage" appears to dispute her thesis. I was a little surprised that the myth existed in the first place since liberals tend to think war is a barbaric activity. War is orchestrated violence to achieve an objective that a person could not achieve on their own, and it took place long before people started writing about it. We just happen to know more about wars that have been written about. If we could ask the winners and losers of those unrecorded wars whether the event was meaningless, I feel certain they would disagree with her.

Here it is, Sissy:


Really like Gayle Miller's comment above. Awesome. This is women against the Lizard Queen, whom we were given to understand had all women in her pocket.

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