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February 28, 2007


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Let us hope Mr. Brooks is right, otherwise the republic will be overruled by democracy. As Walter Williams points out, uncontrolled democracy means the end of true freedom. At least Brooks has some understanding of the need.

Gotta enjoy the blog cross-pollination. My comment to your comment was this (slightly edited):

"I think know what Sissy meant. Utopian social fantasies are based on utopian visions of human nature. All utopian visions become police states for that very reason. Visions of freedom are non-utopian - even anti-utopian. Even a happy vision of the free life is difficult, with failures, challenges, disappointments, etc. Freedom is messy - a beautiful kind of mess which reflects the complicated range and aspirations and wackiness of the messy human spirit."

Freedom is also worth any effort we can make to preserve it. I think that's what the craven left doesn't understand. They think that they should have freedom because they are entitled to it; no notion that it might need to be defended from time to time.

well stated Gayle...

'We've lived there forever, of course. Welcome aboard, Mr. Brooks. Check out locations of the flotation jackets and lifeboats, and then join us in the dining room for a hearty meal.'


SISU !!!

some prefer a blind-fold...

Speaking for the craven left, utopian totalitarianism or authoritarianism is not that far removed from right wing fascism. That is why the right often cannot see that the ACLU fights for our freedoms as well. It does not always have to involve the spilling of blood to be a stand worth taking.

From my perspective, where the right and left both err is in their willingness to sacrifice the rights of another under the delusion that will somehow shield the ones they are partial to.

As to the dark side of human nature, I recently came across this link recommendation and found it compelling.

The Lucifer Principle: http://www.greylodge.org/occultreview/glor_006/lucifer.htm

Hegel said the ultimate tragedy is not the struggle of an easily recognized good against a clearly loathsome evil. Tragedy, he said, is the battle between two forces both of which are good...a battle in which only one can win. Nature has woven that struggle into the superorganism.

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