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February 22, 2007


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Nothing like a little nip before bed time.

Not all our babies are so blessed. Bubba just couldn't care less.

Lucky Tiny, to react so robustly to catnip.

Greens, happiness, and exercise, all in one. We humans should be so lucky.

As a cat lover myself, I can appreciate this post and blog!

The attraction of catnip though seems somewhat genetic. Some cats love it but to others it's not such a big deal. I've had cats that go nuts over it, but another that sniffs it and walks away.

I think it also depends on how old the cat is when they're introducted to it. Young cats play with anything, but older cats don't get as easily excited over things.

Kind of like us, I suppose.

The enormously "dignified" (and large) Sam goes absolutely nutzoid over his catnip toy and, like Tiny he frequently falls asleep clutching it. Tim has absolutely no interest in catnip and never has.

Thanks for posting yet another picture of the exquisite Tiny.

Love the photos of the ferocious Tiny. Our cats love catnip. Sabby goes nuts with it. Then he'll get a wild look in his eye and walk around the room like he's drunk. He gets really offended if we point it out.

Love the pictures as always.

My cat Winston gets all loopy over catnip but my other cat, Bud could care less.

You should get them into the closest 12-step program now!

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