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February 21, 2007


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Thanks for the link Sissy! I love the photos of Baby Cakes. It drives my sister crazy that we let out cats roam all over the counters and table but that's just our tradition. Your cats are so beautiful.

LOL - I think I know more idiotic trivia (aka bald Britney) than people who just don't look at the internet. Now I wonder if it's worth it... filling my head with tidbits of junk. Heh.

The headlines I saw yesterday were all about the crumbling of the "coalition of the willing". Apparently the left has decided that Iraq is totally lost and has no hope. They never let facts stand in their way so the word "progress" never passes their lips. *sigh*

I routinely wipe down the kitchen counters before fixing any meal because I know that Timmy (my naughty little boy) is ALWAYS AND FOREVER on them when I'm not around. He doesn't know how I know, but he leaves FOOTPRINTS due to his proclivity for playing in the strainless steel (and frequently wet) kitchen sink. He's also wild about playing in the bathtub after I've showered! My other cat, Sam, is relatively NORMAL in his behaviors but Tim is just his own private party!

What would we do without our beautiful cats. And yes - I am madly in love with Tiny and Baby!

the MSM is so funny...

it is getting to the point where they wish to say night is day and day is night.

the problem is, does the American Public fall for it?

they seem to have bought a lot of the bull-s last NOV...

The media keep telling us that the ANS story is what we the viewers are demanding from them as justification for their 24 / 7 coverage of this sad woman's death along with the insane judge weeping in his courtroom.


THEY are the ones that can't get enough of this horror story. Their eyes gleam reporting on this.

I thought it a hoot the media kept on about how it's such a bad thing the Brits will be pulling out their troops in Basra which is under control of the Iraqi government and Iraqi troops now yet it is a GOOD thing for our troops to pull out of Baghdad where 80 % of the insurgents and violence are.


Those troops are fine trops indeed. It's just that they're being sold down the drain by the current government.

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