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February 09, 2007


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experimenting on a politician or journalisto?

the data would be minimal...


An excellent essay on cats, the longtime comrade of humankind. A mirror in which we can see reflected some of our most basic instincts. Ibsen does describe a most apt duty for many politicians and journalists.

Some other superior creations of the Other: Sissy, Tuck, Goomp, Tiny and Baby, yes - you too hnav - together with MY beloveds Sam and Tim.

Now that Sam has (after nearly 4 years) discovered that he is welcome on my lap, he is almost on the edge of abusing the privilege! No evening is complete without at least 3-4 visits (accompanied by the appropriate "woof" from me, when he lands because 25 pounds of cat flying out of thin air is a JOLT) that are accompanied by fervid purrs and head bumps. Tim perches on the back of my recliner patiently waiting until Sam is gone and then resumes HIS proprietary lapsit. On days when he knows he has trespassed on my good nature, he sits with his back to me. I am convinced that this is part of cat psychology - if they cannot see you, then it follows that you cannot see them.

Cats are endlessly fascinating and supremely beautiful!

OK, yes...cats are noble and very dignified, and I wouldn't trade mine for anything. But a laser pointer will make any one of them look foolish.

nice :)

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