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February 15, 2007


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Václav Klaus is my new all-time hero and questioning Al Gore's sanity should have started LONG ago. The man is totally gaga!

Unless we start disputing p.c. at the top of our lungs and constantly, nothing is ever going to happen. There are people who are chafing at its restraints in quiet fury but don't have the courage to run their mouths. Heck, I'm 64 - I don't give a rat's eardrum, I'll blab out loud about political correctness being a tool of Satan all the time!

You and me both, Gayle!!!

Vlad Wielbut has it just right. "With their worldview defeated and humiliated, the Left lashes out in helpless rage, slipping into madness. I believe that some of them actually want the United States, and even the Western world, destroyed as a punishment for their humiliation." Liberals tend to deny reality and become violent when this is pointed out.

Great post, and comments. There's hope, so long as we keep pointing out the madness.

Great post Sissy.

I've always felt that about political correctness, but then I spent so much time in college studying totalitarianism, I could recognize the symptoms of the dogmatism of "correct thought" right away.

A must-read piece is "Cultural Marxism" by Linda Kimball in The American Thinker today http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/02/cultural_marxism.html

You said it! Relevant to this, see this:

After reading this post I have decided to make it my business to eschew political correctness whenever possible. If people don't like it, they can just go talk to someone else because I'm going to say what I think - p.c. or not! I'm too old to engage in nuance!

Since those on the left never learned how to be polite, they mistakenly think political correctness is politeness.

If you cast your mind back to when the p.c. movement started... it was in the "let it all hang out" era. When the hippies decided that the old fogies were too repressed and didn't "tell it like it is".

However, letting it all hang out or telling it like it is without any sort of filter over your words, is impolite. To get around this, they've developed this system of politically correct speech.

As long as the speaker follows the "correct" version of what is deemed "good" - they can't possibly be impolite. The person who doesn't follow the formula is considered worse than rude, they are heretics and given the equivalent of "tar and feathers".

They love p.c. because it allows them to control communication and to intimidate those who don't agree - silencing them or discrediting them. I think people who really are "polite" are finally starting to see that they need to stand up to these p.c. pronouncements.

I don't let things pass anymore. If I see someone make a stupid p.c. statement, I'll call them on it. And they hate it. For so long the polite people of the world haven't stopped them to tell them they are arrogant and rude and wrong (in many instances). It's the wrong way to handle the behavior and I'm glad to see it changing.

Teresa - you are so perceptive, not to mention absolutely correct.

I'm a liberal on most issues but I loathe the anti-Americanism of political correctness. Living in a college town, I hypothesize that one reason many men follow this line is that without it, it's harder to get a date.

All you have to do is look at the writings of Amanda Marcotte to see how crazy things have gotten because of P.C.

You can say just about anything, however deranged and violent it sounds, and win approval--and plumb jobs--from those on the left. Make one comment about a perceived disenfranchised minority--like the "Grey's Anatomy" guy did--and you might as well have the secret police on your tail for all the grief you get.

The scariest example is really the Duke Lacrosse scandal. The dictates of P.C. were the driving force behind those men being presumed guilty and the bogus case against them being pursued. It's truly frightening.

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