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February 08, 2007


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MSM a disgrace to the Nation for which our flag stands.

i agree with GOOMP...

in a war against radical fascist monsters, the MSM has decided a Republican is really the enemy.

and instead of just using the truth to undermine, has decided to fabricate, slander, etc.

unfortunately for NASA, they lost my admiration long ago, especially with unlawfully trying to help Kerry's campaign, which unwittingly produced the famed bunnysuit photos.

it seems a vast number of our institutions have been overrun by 'democrat partisans', including the MSM, instead of open minded professionals.

a sincere shame.

Driving home in the car this afternoon , I hear the news on the radio reporting Zsa Zsa Gabor's 9th husband, Prince Somebody , claiming he and Anna Nicole Smith had been having a 10 year on / off affair and he too could be the father of the baby she gave birth to last year.

I laughed out loud.

This is news ?


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